CVO Web Site Improvements

24 November 2018 - 18:43

After a long development and testing process, we proudly unveil the new CVO web site. It represents a fundamental rewriting of the code involving a number of enhancements.

Hosting Changes

We have moved to a new hosting vendor, Digital Ocean, which we have found to be more helpful and reliable than our prior vendor, Rackspace. We expect the site’s speed and responsiveness to improve as a result.


Every interaction with our site now goes through SSL encryption. This protects your passwords and any other information you send en route between your end our ours.

User Interface Changes

Our site now uses an adaptive framework that detects the size of the browser — whether from a computer, tablet, or phone — and adjusts the display accordingly. This plus some other layout changes should allow you to use the site without any annoying horizontal scrolling and zooming.

License Management Functions

For those of you licensing our various instruments and tools, there are a few modest changes that should make life easier. If changes to your project require the addition of another invoice, they all are now separate and not appended into a single invoice document. When paid, each invoice now will show a prominent marker that it is paid. The renewal process is also slightly different. Instead of cloning a renewed project into a different record in our system, a renewal request will lead to an amendment appended to the original agreement to specify the changes going forward, and the invoice system will add an invoice to cover the renewal. When both are processed, the project status will update, so that there will be no confusing generation automated email reminders about the “first” project’s ending despite the renewals’ activation — which has happened when we have been slow to update the original. If this makes no sense, then you haven’t encountered it; if it does, then you will be glad for this change.


We have added thousands of tests into the system, all of which pass most reassuringly. We thus are hopeful that this new system will perform much better than the one it replaces. However, despite our best efforts, it is possible that there are issues that we hadn’t encountered or thought of. Please email us with any specific problems. Please include details about what you were trying to do — the URL you were accessing copied from the location bar of your browser is most helpful — what you expected to happen, and what did happen — screenshots are best. We will promptly investigate any such issue and take the appropriate steps to deal with it.

Thanks for your interest in our web site!


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