KCCQ, SAQ, and PAQ Calculators Upgraded to Support Patient Results Graphing

11 December 2005 - 20:34

To assist deployment of the Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire, the Seattle Angina Questionnaire, and the Peripheral Artery Questionnaire into clinical settings, the KCCQ Calculator, SAQ Calculator, and PAQ Calculator now can extract and graph individual patient scale scores. “At the point of care, seeing a graphical trend over time of a patients functional status can be an important factor when making therapeutic decisions,” says John Spertus, MPH MD, author of the KCCQ, SAQ, and PAQ. “The upgraded Calculators makes this easy.” Further details — including screenshots — are available here.

The Calculators previously assisted the use of these health-related quality of life instruments by providing data entry filters and automated calculation of the scale scores from patient responses. “That was only half of the job for clinical point of care applications, though,” says Spertus. “The ability of the Calculators to extract specific patient data from the whole dataset and instantly graph it means that a patient can complete the questionnaire in the waiting room, the nurse can enter the data into the Calculator and print out the results, and the patient’s entire situation can be evaluated by the doc and patient in the exam room.”

Current licensees can simply re-download the Calculator from their custom project pages in order to get this upgrade.


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