Clinical Trials / Clinical Research Expo at Medinfo

12 August 2004 - 17:08

The Epimetrics Group will showcase the CV Outcomes web site and its collaborative tools for academic research networks at the Clinical Trials / Clinical Research Expo at medInfo 2004. This session is sponsored by the AMIA Clinical Trials Working Group and will include a wide range of developers and users:

  • National Cancer Institute
  • University of Louisville
  • University of California, San Francisco
  • MedDak
  • City of Hope
  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • Intermountain Health Care
  • Merck & Company
  • Yale University
  • National Library of Medicine
  • The Epimetrics Group
  • The University of Washington
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Datamedica

The Expo is scheduled for Thursday 9 September from 7:30PM to 10:00PM in Yosemite A/B of the Hilton San Francisco.


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