American Heart Association Participates in PREMIER

14 February 2003 - 00:02

CORC is very excited to announce a new participant in the PREMIER QI Registry; the American Heart Association (AHA).

As the AHA continues its push to advance the quality of care for patients with cardiovascular disease, it has accepted the opportunity to participate in the PREMIER QI Registry. Recognizing the unique opportunity of PREMIER to define the methodological challenges in collecting, analyzing and interpreting outcomes data to quantify the quality of care, and to leverage these insights into new paradigms of quality assessment, the AHA hopes to identify opportunities to accelerate the translation of new and exciting knowledge into clinical practice. Furthermore, the AHA plans to use this opportunity to understand the impact of current quality measures, as captured through their Get with the Guidelines Program on patients’ survival, symptoms, function and quality of life.

To facilitate the interaction between AHA and the Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC),an AHA representative will actively participate in investigator meetings and serve as an ex-officio member of PREMIER’s Publications Committee.


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