CV Outcomes Launches National Post-MI Registry - The PREMIER QI Registry

02 October 2002 - 16:33

CV Outcomes, with generous support from CV Therapeutics, is launching a multi-center post-MI registry to define the prevalence, determinants and consequences of post-MI angina and to advance the methods for quantifying the quality of MI care.

The Prospective Registry Evaluating outcomes after Myocardial Infarction: Events and Recovery Quality Improvent (PREMIER-QI) Registry will consecutively enroll 2,500 patients from 18 cardiovascular centers and follow them at 1, 6 and 12 months for their clinical outcomes. Careful quantification of patients’ symptoms, function and quality of life will supplement traditional clinical outcomes. Furthermore, characteristics of patients’ care both in and out of the hospital will be defined to better understand the determinants of patient-centered, post-MI outcomes. By carefully defining the determinants of outcome, this registry will provide the methodological data necessary to transform the assessment of health care quality from a solely process-based assessment of performance to an outcomes-based process of quantifying “how patients are doing” after treatment. The 18 Centers of Excellence participating in this study can be found in the Topiocs Section of this website


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