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The HOPE Registry

  • A multi-center, US Collaborative to understand and improve the outcomes of moms with heart disease and their babies. Working through a multi-center collaboration of leading hospitals, each of which include a partnership between cardiology and OB/Maternal Fetal Medicine, the HOPE registry will address the following aims:

    • Assess maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality
    • Including long-term follow up (5 years) to better understand QoL
    • Lays foundation for counseling about outcomes of future pregnancy
    • Better understand care patterns and use of medical resources and link these to maternal and fetal outcomes
    • Test existing risk models (ZAHARA, WHO, CARPREG) to identify the best ones.
    • Translate our insights into new care pathways and protocols
    • Support and expand existing AHA guidelines

    • The DISCOVER study is a global observational study of patients with type 2 diabetes who are starting second-line glucose lowering therapy. The study has enrolled over 15 000 patients in 38 countries across six continents, and will provide a comprehensive and contemporary picture of treatment patterns and outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes worldwide.


      • The PORTRAIT Registry will enroll patients with newly diagnosed PAD or those who have a history of PAD and now have a recent worsening or re-development of symptoms. The aim is to identify gaps in the practice of PAD care and evaluate outcomes. The study will also aim to identify patients who are at high-risk for this disease and evaluate their health status and PAD outcomes. A direct deliverable will translate the findings of health status changes following PAD treatments over the course of 1 year and develop patient education tools for PAD patients that need to make a choice regarding their treatment.

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      OPEN CTO

      • OPEN CTO is a registry of 1000 subjects in 12 centers who undergo a Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) for Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) via the Hybrid procedure. Baseline and follow up data will quantify changes in health status from baseline. Detailed procedural and subject data will inform description of safety and effectiveness of the Hybrid approach, the predictors of success and failure, indications and appropriateness, and cost per Quality Life Year and hospital margins of Hybrid CTO PCI.


      • TRIUMPH is a novel MI registry with detailed information on patients’ sociodemographic, clinical, treatment, health status, metabolic, and genetic characteristics. The wealth of patient data collected in TRIUMPH will provide unique opportunities to examine factors that may mediate racial differences in mortality and health status after MI and the complex interactions between genetic and environmental determinants of post-MI outcomes.

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