Resetting Your Password at the New CVO Site [Draft]

There are two reasons that all users will need to reset their passwords at the new CVO site:

There are two reasons that all users will need to reset their passwords at the new CVO site:

  • Our new system uses a much better cryptographic algorithm on the passwords stored in our database so the old passwords wouldn’t work.
  • All passwords are encrypted so we couldn’t access them in any case.

Fortunately, this process will be very simple. Please review this explanation carefully. It would probably be best if you keep this page open in one browser tab/window while you go to our new site in another.

When you arrive at the new CVO web site sometime later on Sunday 21 September, you’ll see a link to “Login” at the upper right corner of any page:

Click that link to arrive at the login page. There you’ll see fields for your email and password — which you will NOT use. Just below these fields and right by the “Submit” button you’ll see a link “Reset Password”:

Click that “Reset Password” link, and immediately below it a new section will open up:

As this section explains, you need to type in your email address (obviously the one you use at our site) in the field and then click the “Email Me The Link” button. Presuming you’ve entered an address that we expect, our system will send you an email to that address. (If you enter an address we don’t know, we’ll tell you right then, so you can correct any typos and try again.)

Wait a short while and then check your email. You should find an email from our system that contains a link back to our system. Click this link in the email, and you will be switched back to your browser. You will find that you are now logged into our site.

However, this is a one-time access. You MUST reset your password now to something you can remember. This also is very easy to do.

In the upper right corner of any page, you’ll now see a link to your “workspace”:

Click that link and you’ll go to this page. In the left hand column, you’ll see the “Actions” box that shows what powers you have here. Most of you will simply see a link to update your email address, password, name, and time zone:

Click this link to reach your “Preferences” page. There you will see fields for your password — and a confirmation to prevent typos that would prevent your readmission later.

Note particularly the time zone option. It defaults to Pacific time, but you should definitely change this to your correct time zone, since all information (notably the times you see for events and such) is automagically adjusted for your time zone when you access it (one of the cool features of the new site).

Once you’ve typed in your new password (and its confirmation) and made any other changes to your name and/or time zone, click the “Update” button to finish. You now have reset your password. Remember it the next time you login.

We hope that this change will be relatively painless. Please follow these instructions closely, and email us if you have any problems.

Created: September 18, 2008 19:02
Last updated: January 04, 2016 20:40


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